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Designed to augment pen and paper RPGs, Dungeon Mapp is a combat and encounter tool designed specifically for the iPad.


Constructed to allow the quick generation of a room for a single combat encounter, or as an aid for the GM to construct huge flowing dungeons or environments, Dungeon Mapp is a must buy for anyone playing square based RPG games. 

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What are people saying about Dungeon Mapp?


"Dungeon Mapp has struck a good balance between the amount of tools you need to make maps without it being overwhelmed by functions" Critical Hits

"I approve. I give it my seal of approval." - Going Last Podcast

"Fast & mostly intuitive & beautiful." - Kevin Kulp

"Interesting RPG app; Dungeon Mapp" - Ian Shaw Jones

"This is a good program!" - Dice4Hire

"The interface is straightforward and easy to learn." Over the Misty Mountains




Core Features:

Designed to allow the player to plot out a room and put the party in it within the time it takes the DM to describe it



Supports dungeons or play areas of 50 x 50 squares in size. Save as many dungeons as you like.



Wide variety of floor tiles, inclusing snow, lava, sand, metal, cibblestones and many more. Maximum zoom level brings 1 inch square on the board.


 Automatic initiative roller, roll initiative for all characters in the party at the same time, with the press of 1 button!



Share mapps by saving them to your desktop and emailing them to others!



Massive range of decals to decorate, deceive, delight and doom your dungeon dwellers. Outdoor, indoor, and now with animating decals!


  Easily accesssible dice roller, just hold down three fingers on the play field, and up pops the dice roller!



Compatible with a wide range of RPG products including D&D 3.5E, 4E, Pathfinder, d20 Modern, even Heroclix



'Link mapps together using the portal system for mapps of infinite size. 



Wide variety of Tokens to represent players and monsters. Customize each token with a tag, movement rate and color effects to symbolize combat conditions. You can also define if a token is part of the PC party or not.


Suite of tools for DMs including the ability to Hide rooms that players have not entered into yet, Portal from one saved map to another, and provide spots on each map to instantly spawn a party to.




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You can download the Android version here




We created Dungeon Mapp as a quick digital alternative to current mapping tools for pen and paper RPG games.  If this is your first time here you might want to check out the Core Features and the videos to get an idea of what Dungeon Mapp can do. If you want to find out how Players and GMs can use Dungeon Mapp, check out this section.


Follow me on twitter @DungeonMapp for game news and updates!